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Independent specialists for analyses and following activities that aim to decrease customer churn through value. For B2C and B2B companies of various industries. 

You probably heard the hard facts:

  • If you can improve your customer retention by 5%, you can increase your profitability by up to 95% (Bain).

  • 80% of you future revenue comes from 20% of your current customers.

  • Repeat customers spend 67% more money than your first-time customers (Bain).

  • New customers cost 20-40% more to gain than old customers are to retain (Harvard Business School).

  • 70% of repeat customers are willing to consider future products that you produce (Bain). 

Calculate the benefit of improved loyalty for your company: 

Still, 70+% of established companies focus 70+% of their efforts and investments on the new customer. And thus churn is the "margin eater" of most of the companies

Through #ReStart> framework we help companies restart their loyalty. And thus value. 

Step 1: Customer audit. Analysis of your current customer base through multiple new and unique views. Key indicators: CES, NPS, churn, CLV and others.

Step 2: Unique customer segmentation. Better understanding and knowledge about the key customer and delivering important hypotheses how to proceed. By destiling the value. 

Step 3: First pilots to improve (a) acquisition of more loyal customers and also (b) better retention and monetization of current key customers. Through value. And then monetizing it. 

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About us. 

My name is Peter Kmoško and I am the only Czech-Slovak Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). I´ve founded Monetize CX / Top Loyalty Team 3 ago, after 17 years spent on hundreds of projects in a range of companies. They ranged from small companies and start-ups (ArtNet, Behavera), scale-ups (Exponea), through midsized companies  (Tatry Mountain Resorts, Forbes), to large corporations (Microsoft, O2CZ and O2 SK), primarily dealing with their customer experience and loyalty improvements. I am an International CX Awards judge, podcaster, blogger. I believe in customer focus and that improved loyalty can be the driver of further company growth.  

On the analytical part of the projects, I cooperate with Radovan Oprendek. He has multiyear experience of leading the retention team and efforts of O2 CZ and now helps Footshop to grow also on loyalty. Radovan likes to analyze business ideas and develop them into particular business initiatives. He is constantly looking the ways by understanding the fundamental principles and data inputs. 

What the leaders say about me. 

Key feedback of concrete company professionals about cooperation in Customer Experience, Strategic Marketing, and Digital Transformation.  

"Peter has a good overview of the latest trends in the area of Customer experience. At the same time, he has the ability to look at things out of the box, and thus his inputs in several areas have been a valuable fuel for the burning flame of our passion for Customer experience."
Igor Tóth, Chief Marketing Officer, O2
"He knows how to implements insights, fresh creativity and new digital communication trends to create successful communication. He is always available to discuss new ideas and is a pleasure talking to him for his knowledge of business and life. He's good at motivating people and it was a joy to work for him."
Michal Pastier, Group Creative Director Zaraguza, CDO Exponea
"He is creative, out of the box thinking person who is also always open and supportive to innovative way of thinking of the people around him. He is as well a strong project manager who you can trust that the agreed project will be delivered always on time and in high quality. "
Martina Vymyslicka, Digital Channel Marketing Lead, Microsoft
"I like his entrepreneurial thinking and go do and never give up attitude. He has also excellent presentation skills and strategic thinking. He has the ability to help all companies in this digital era to be really successful."
Aleš Petr, OEM Lead, Microsoft CZ/SK/HU
"Peter is highly creative, solution oriented, with always positive attitude. Peter was always learning, ongoing challenges status quo to become better him and as well as the overall team. Peter has great collaboration skills, people management and entrepreneurial skills. "
Kristina Michalsky, Consumer Division Lead, Microsoft UK and Ireland
...Very first thing that I strongly admire at Peter is his extraordinary drive to improve business and business results, promote our marketing function internally and externally... the drive to a hundred-plus percent effort to understand customers, their needs and their pain-points and to tailor our strategy and communication to overcome these pains and to serve our customers as good as we can...
Marian Capay, DrMax board of Directors member

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